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The Black Friday sale at our Montreal Cell Phone Repair Store is too tempting that you cannot resist missing it! If you have been using your ailing and old mobile phone for quite some time now, let us tell you the good news! Now is the right time to sell it and purchase a new one! We at Mobile Montreal have some amazing deals going on not only on mobile phones but also on mobile phone accessories. If you’d like to check out the sale, you must visit the link. It is true that black Friday is an exciting day for shopping freaks! Brands all around the world lower prices by huge margins! Isn’t it a great time to shop for your favorite phone accessories or to update your old and ailing mobile phone? We at our Mobile Cell Phone Repair Store have some great deals going on too!

In this article, we have listed some of our most amazing deals that you shall not miss.

Benefit From The Black Friday Sale At Our Montreal Phone Repair Store

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones

We depend on our mobile phones to perform most of our daily tasks. It becomes such a hassle for us to keep track of our daily work in case our phone starts making issues. Unfortunately, the phone is working slowly, the device heating up or fast battery drainage is a problem that you may have to face frequently if you have been using an old and ailing mobile phone. We understand that purchasing a new phone requires a heavy budget but here is great news for you! We have some amazing deals going on Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones, so you can easily afford to upgrade your old and ailing mobile phone. You can save up to $250 by availing of our black Friday sale!

Below, we have listed the mobile phone models which are on sale this Black Friday.

Motorola Edge

Purchase Motorola Edge XT2601-3 Baltic Grey 256GB at only $900! You can save $799 by availing of this Black Friday discount. It is not only the price that makes this deal great but the features this phone offers. The Motorolla Edge+ Phone has 5G speeds and smooth, fast performance. The camera has the highest resolution and the loudest, most clear audio. The Display is bold, so you can enjoy using this phone at lightning speeds!

Trackers And Locators

It is not only the mobile phones that are on sale this Black Friday! But we have an amazing sale on trackers and locators as well! Trackers and locators are great not only for finding your misplaced and lost assets but also help save hundreds of bucks as you will not have to spend money on purchasing new devices everytime your device gets lost or misplaced. We at our Montreal Cell Phone Repair Store have a sale on our Trackimo 3G GPS Universal Tracker And Locator And Trackipro Long-Endurance Industrial Asset Tracker.

Chargers & Cables

Always invest in good quality chargers and cables to ensure optimum battery performance. Although we cannot stop lithium-ion batteries from aging, by using high-quality and original chargers, we can extend the battery life of our phones. Phones are an essential tool for providing power supply to mobile phones. If the charger is of poor quality, the supply to the phone might be inadequate which can cause damage to the phone’s battery and other delicate components of the device. Therefore, to prevent such risks, you must invest in good-quality chargers.

Good quality chargers are expensive but can prove to be cost-effective in the longer run. However, you can take advantage of our Black Friday sale at our Montreal cell phone repair store and purchase high-quality chargers at a discounted price! You may visit our website to check out the range of chargers and adapted we have available and how much you can save by availing of the black Friday sale.

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