Tips to Fix Phone Switches Off Automatically Issues

Fix Phone Switches Off

When you go for your phone and discover that it has mysteriously shut off, it can be very perplexing. If the battery is charged and nobody else has turned it off, how was it shut down, in your opinion? It may be a hardware issue or a software issue if your phone keeps abruptly shutting […]

How to Fix Phone Battery Draining Fast Problem

Fix Phone Battery Draining

You should pay close attention to how you use your phone, how you charge it, and which/how many apps you have if the battery doesn’t last very long. Several causes of Android battery depletion will be covered in this post, along with solutions. If you are still unable to get rid of the issue, get […]

Tips To Fix Phone Not Charging Issues

Tips To Fix Phone Not Charging Issues

It can be frustrating to find out that your phone is unable to the charger even after you have plugged it in several times. But great news! You do not have to worry much about it, as Montreal cell phone repair experts have given us some tried and tested tips to help fix your phone […]

How To Cool Down A Heated Phone?

How To Cool Down A Heated Phone

If you are someone whose phone gets heated quickly just after using it for a while, this article is for you. Montreal Cell Phone Repair Experts explain to us the possible reasons for your phone catching heat, whether or not you shall be stressed about it and what you can do to cool down your […]

Questions To Ask Before Going to Cell Phone Repair Shop

Questions To Ask Before Going to Cell Phone Repair Shop

It seems like everyone you pass is on their phone. Over 25% of the US population now owns a smartphone. Thus, over 70% of the US population makes use of a smartphone. However, what if you crack your smartphone? Do you employ random people to work on it? Keep reading to find out everything you […]

Qualities Of A Cell Phone Repair Shop In Montreal

Cell Phone Repair

You should always do homework before hiring someone to work on your home, body, or expensive possessions. This idea may be extended to the realm of electronic device maintenance, including cell phones. Mobile Montreal is pleased to provide first-rate services for fixing all kinds of electronic gadgets. Because we want our customers to have access […]

Best Black Friday Sale At Montreal Cell Phone Repair Store

Montreal Cell Phone Repair Store

The Black Friday sale at our Montreal Cell Phone Repair Store is too tempting that you cannot resist missing it! If you have been using your ailing and old mobile phone for quite some time now, let us tell you the good news! Now is the right time to sell it and purchase a new […]

Tips To Extend Battery Life By Montreal Cell Phone Repair Experts

Cell Phone Repair

It can be frustrating to find out that your phone is out of battery in the middle of the work day or a social outing. However, by following these easy tips suggested by Montreal Cell Phone Repair Experts, you can get to spend more time with your tech. Undoubtedly, we rely on our mobile phones […]

The Enjoyable Smartphone Cases

Smartphone Cases

Everyone who has a smartphone knows the struggle of trying to decide between two or more cases. One the one hand, as phone costs continue to grow, safeguarding yours has never been more crucial. It’s counterintuitive to cover up a brand new, sleek phone with an ugly, bulky case, though. Thankfully, there are cases available […]

Why Should You Upgrade to iPhone 14?

iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 is one of the smallest upgrades from the previous year’s model, the iPhone 13, and a step in the right direction for Apple. The exterior of the iPhone 14 is a carryover of the iPhone 13, featuring a flat aluminum back and sides. Apple effectively rebuilt the iPhone 13 Pro on the […]