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How To Cool Down A Heated Phone?

If you are someone whose phone gets heated quickly just after using it for a while, this article is for you. Montreal Cell Phone Repair Experts explain to us the possible reasons for your phone catching heat, whether or not you shall be stressed about it and what you can do to cool down your heated phone.

Your phone will naturally catch heat if you leave it in a hot temperature for too long such as in direct sunlight. However, if it is not the sunlight or the hot temperature and your phone is still getting heated, there could be serious problems with it. The problem can either be software-related or hardware related, either of which can hugely impact the life of your smartphone. 

We at Mobile Montreal provide top-notch phone repair services whether it is related to the software or the hardware, you can confidently come to us. Our technicians are highly qualified and well-experienced and can instantly diagnose all your phone-related issues and fix them effectively.

We understand that smartphones have become an important part of everyone’s life, whether it is related to work or your social life. Therefore, we make sure that you do not have to spend days without your cell phone, due to which we offer same-day repair services. 

Although you can always take your phone to professionals to get them inspected, diagnosed and fixed you must learn yourself about why such issues happen as they are mostly caused by the way we use our phones. By getting to know the reasons and what causes such issues to happen, you can make changes to you use your phone. 

Tips To Lower The Temperature Of An Overheated Phone By Montreal Cell Phone Repair Experts

As mentioned previously, our phones get heated because of the way we use them such as using cheap quality chargers or running heavy apps on it for too long. Therefore, to ensure your device does not get heated, you must use original high-quality chargers and do not run heavy apps on it for too long. You must always update the phone to the latest software version and keep the screen brightness adjusted. These are some of the changes that you can make to the way you use your phone to prevent it from getting heated as suggested by the montreal cell phone repair experts. 

Now that you understand the common reasons for your phone gets heated and how you can prevent it from happening, we can move on to the ways you can cool down a heated phone. 

Do Not Overcharge

One common cause of your phone getting overheated is an overcharging phone. If you leave your phone plugged in for too long, your device will catch heat. Therefore, according to the cell phone repair montreal experts, you shall keep your phone’s battery charged between 20% – 80% and not wait until it reaches 100% to unplug the charger or if it falls to 0% before plugging in the charger. It is also advised to always use high-quality genuine chargers to charge your phone as cheap chargers may ruin your phone’s battery life.

Place It In A Room Temperature Environment

One thing that people do wrong mostly is that they place their phone immediately in a cold environment after removing it from hot temperature. This is highly not recommended, extreme temperatures can cause damage to the internal components of your cell phone which are very delicate. Hence, what you shall do is place your phone in a room temperature environment to let it cool down, you may consider placing it below a fan but do not use an air dryer to blow air on it. 

Remove Accessories From Your Phone

You shall remove all the accessories from your phone such as the protector, hard case etc as removing layers from it may help to cool it down faster. 

So these are some of the tips suggested by montreal cell phone repair experts to cool down your overheated phone. However, if none of the mentioned ways helps, you may bring it to us to get it professionally inspected, diagnosed and fixed. You may visit our website for more information.