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Tips To Extend Battery Life By Montreal Cell Phone Repair Experts

It can be frustrating to find out that your phone is out of battery in the middle of the work day or a social outing. However, by following these easy tips suggested by Montreal Cell Phone Repair Experts, you can get to spend more time with your tech.

Undoubtedly, we rely on our mobile phones to perform most of our daily tasks. It is our main source of information, entertainment, and navigation. We use our cell phones to stay connected with the people we love and to see the happenings worldwide. Due to this heavy reliance on electronic gadgets, we want them to never run out of battery and to always function adequately. Although we can not stop lithium-ion batteries from aging, by following these tips suggested by the experts of cell phone repair in Montreal, we can extend our phone’s battery life.

How To Extend Your Phone’s battery life?

No matter how advanced technology has become, no replacement for lithium-ion batteries has yet been introduced. We still need to keep our batteries topped up all the time to ensure that it does not run out of battery in a situation where we are unable to charge it. However, suppose your battery is draining very fast or making your device heat up. In that case, it is recommended by the experts of Montreal Cell Phone Repair to get your phone’s battery replaced, as this is a sign that your battery has become old and worn out and needs replacement.

To replace your mobile phone’s battery, you can come to us at Mobile Montreal. We at Mobile Montreal have a team of expert technicians who make use of advanced tools and high-quality, genuine replacement components to ensure that your device gets back to its original condition after the repair. If you’d like to know the services offered by us, you must visit the link. We not only repair mobile phones but provide high-quality original mobile phone accessories and mobile phones at the best rates in town.

Although there is no way to stop lithium-ion batteries from aging, by adopting these usage changes, you can help extend your device’s battery life.

Use High-Quality Chargers & Cables

The experts advise always using certified and high-quality chargers and cables to charge your mobile phones. As we all know, a charger is an essential item as it is used to provide a power supply to the phone. If the charger is of low quality, the power supply will be inadequate, which can cause damage to your phone’s battery and other delicate components of your phone.

Therefore, you must ensure that you purchase a good quality charger from a reputed mobile shop. We at Mobile Montreal have a wide variety of phone accessories available. You may visit our website to check out the variety.

Keep The Phone’s Software Updated

It is advised by the experts in cell phone repair in Montreal always to keep your phone’s software updated to the latest version. The manufacturers usually introduce the updates to fix bugs and errors which may exist in the previous version or to introduce new and improved features such as better power management which can help extend your phone’s battery life.

Turn Off Your Phone’s Push Notifications

The push notifications you receive require your cell phone to check with the phone’s automatic server, making use of the internet, which utilizes a lot of phone battery or, in other words, eats up your phone’s battery. Therefore, it is recommended by the experts to turn off push notifications of the apps you no longer use, such as games, health, incoming e-mails, real-time score updates, etc.

Use the Phone On Power-Save Mode

This feature is designed to lower the usage of phone batteries by turning off unnecessary features such as lowering screen brightness, turning off unnecessary wireless features, etc. You may not keep this feature on all the time. However, it is wise to turn it on when you’re running low on battery and are not in the situation to charge it.

So these are the tips recommended by Montreal Cell Phone Repair Experts to help extend the battery life of your phone. For more information, you may visit our website or contact us.