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How to Fix a Cracked iPad Screen Without Replacing it?

When you own an iPad, you should be prepared that your device might start showing signs of deterioration. The worst thing you might expect is cracks appearing on the screen. These cracks have different damage intensities depending on the type of device. You might think that screen replacement is the only solution. However, there are certain ways to to fix a cracked iPad screen without replacing it.

  • Determining the Intensity of Damage
  • Checking the iPad’s Warranty
  • Creating a Backup File
  • Applying a Screen Protector
  • Things You Can Use to Fix Cracks
  • Contact the Apple Customer Service
  • Consider Sending the iPad to a Third-Party Repair Center
  • Be Careful When Using Your iPad

If you notice cracks appearing on the iPad screen, you must learn about two essential things.

  • Firstly, to know why the screen cracked.
  • Secondly, how to fix the issue without replacing it.

4 Reason Why do Cracks Appear on iPad Screens

First, iPad users should know about the types of screen damage and their causes. A cracked screen is the most frustrating because it hinders the touch screen’s functioning and steals its aesthetic beauty. The following reasons can cause a cracked screen.

1. You Dropped Your iPad

Dropping your iPad on solid surfaces is the most common reason cracks appear. The iPad has a delicate glass surface where scratches and cracks can appear. If proper iPad screen crack repair is not done, these cracks can cause the glass to shatter or lead to fractures.

2. Extreme Temperatures Affecting the Glass

You might not notice at first, but leaving your iPad in places with extreme temperatures can also damage the screen. Also, taking your device from one extreme temperature to another will expand or contract the screen. This will stress out the screen and cause it to fracture.

3. You Put Pressure on the iPad

You should be careful not to apply pressure to the iPad. You can apply pressure when you accidentally sit or step on it. The screen can also crack if you place a heavy object on the device, and you might need to fix the iPad screen crack without replacement.

4. Your Pets will Damage the Screen

If you have pets such as dogs, cats, and birds, you should take precautions to protect your iPad. Dogs and cats can scratch the screen with their teeth and claws, and birds can scratch it with their claws and beaks.

7 Ways to Fix Cracks on iPad Screen with Replacing

You can follow these steps to fix cracks on your iPad screen without replacement.

1. Determine the Intensity of Damage

The first thing you should do is determine the intensity of the damage. You can repair the cracks on your iPad’s screen if they are minor and superficial. However, you might need to send the device for deeper cracks for professional repair.

2. Check if Your iPad is Under Warranty

Checking if the iPad is still under warranty will reduce the repair cost. You can contact Apple customer service to learn about the warranty for the iPad.

3. Create a Backup File

iPad users should ensure that they have backed up the data before starting the fixing process. You can do this using iCloud, MAC, a personal computer, or a laptop. This will ensure your data is safe if the files accidentally get deleted during the cracked iPad screen repair process.

4. Apply a Screen Protector

If you notice minor cracks appearing on the screen, you should immediately apply a screen protector. This will prevent the screen from further damage. Additionally, make sure to clean the sticky side of a screen protector before applying it to ensure optimal adhesion and protection.

5. Things You Can Use to Fix Cracks

You can try using these things to fix the minor cracks.

  • White toothpaste
  • Baking soda mixture
  • Plastic or metal polish
  • Scratch removing pen

6. Contact the Apple Customer Service

Sometimes, the steps mentioned above cannot fix the cracks. You might have to send your device to the Apple service center to fix a cracked iPad screen without replacing it.

7. Consider Sending the iPad to a Third-Party Repair Center

You can send the device to a third-party repair center like Mobile Montreal. However, you should research the repair shops before doing so.

8. Be Careful When Using Your iPad

You should be careful when using your iPad to avoid further damage. Taking care of it will prevent the damages mentioned at the beginning.


This is a guide to fix a cracked iPad screen without replacing it, which will to some extent save your screen from damage. You should determine the intensity of the damage, check if your iPad is under warranty, and create a backup file. Also, apply a durable screen protector, contact Apple customer service, send the device to a third-party repair center, and be careful when using your device. For professional assistance, consider utilizing our iPad repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a cracked screen on an iPad be fixed?

Depending on the severity of the damage, you can fix a cracked screen on an iPad. You can use DIY methods or professional repair services for the best results.

Can you tape a cracked iPad screen?

You can use adhesive tape to fix a cracked iPad screen without replacing it. However, it is a temporary fix.

Is it worth fixing an iPad screen?

To determine the worth of fixing the screen, you should consider the extent of the damage and the cost of repair versus replacement.