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How to Fix Phone Battery Draining Fast Problem

You should pay close attention to how you use your phone, how you charge it, and which/how many apps you have if the battery doesn’t last very long. Several causes of Android battery depletion will be covered in this post, along with solutions. If you are still unable to get rid of the issue, get help from Cell Phone Repair in Montreal. Mobile Montreal is an experienced phone repair service provider. We will fix your phone battery drainage issues so that you can use your phone without any problem.

Fast Battery Drainage: Solutions From A Cell Phone Repair

These are some of the best solutions for your battery drainage problem. Get professional repair services from Cell Phone Repair in Montreal to solve this issue.

Identifying Android Battery Draining Applications

Let’s find out exactly how your battery is used first. Thankfully, Android phones feature an option called “Battery Usage” that shows you specifics about how much battery you’ve used since your previous charge.

  • Choose Settings
  • Go to “About Device” and choose it.
  • Choose either “Battery” or “Battery Usage.”
  • You may learn how the battery is used there, from apps and systems to hardware components.
  • You have the option of removing any programs that aren’t being used but are still draining the battery. You can at least disable the notifications and pop-ups from the useful ones if you notice that they take up a lot of power.

Restart the Gadget and Charge it Again

The power of “Rebooting” is typically underestimated. We do not yet have concrete evidence that it can be a successful fix for numerous software and app-related problems. Rebooting eliminates open apps, updates the operating system, and causes memory leaks to manifest. All of this finally contributes to an increase in Android battery life. Therefore don’t forget to try out this trick. Restart your device, then fully recharge it. Positive outcomes are most likely to occur. If you can not restart yourself take your phone to Montreal Cell Phone Repair.

Fewer Apps Should be used at Once

Mobile apps are inevitable, let’s face it. They continue to be an essential component of your “phone use,” from phone banking to internet buying, video conversations to social media browsing. But, too many of these could lead to the issue of a rapidly depleting android battery. The updating of apps uses data and energy. Additionally, they keep sending updates and notifications throughout the day, making your phone buzz and blink frequently. As a result, the phone’s battery begins to discharge more quickly than usual. Uninstalling the apps you don’t use frequently is a good option as a result. Be careful to also turn off the notifications and ads from any apps you can’t live without.

Configure the Display

Here are some display settings we recommend using if you want to stop your phone’s battery from draining so quickly. Reduce the brightness of the screen. Set the Auto-brightness to OFF. If you don’t need it higher, keep the manual setting lower.

In some apps and even at the system level, modern phones with AMOLED displays support dark mode. To save some power, you should give this a try.

Reduce the Sleep timeout. This will make sure that your screen isn’t left on or live needlessly. The minimum time frame you may choose is 15 seconds, which seems appropriate. Or you can take professional help from Cell Phone Repair technicians.

Using Apps in the Background

Even when they are closed, some apps continue to update in the background, rapidly draining the battery of the phone. They can be appropriately referred to as silent battery murderers. So, closing these background programs should be one of your priorities if you notice that your Android battery is depleting quickly.

  • You must first enable the Developer option before you can proceed. Go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number to find the number. Seven times, tap “Build Number.”
  • Find the Developer Option by using the back button now. the “Running Services” button.
  • All of the background-running programs are present here. To prevent pointless power use, you ought to (force) close them.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS

You’ve probably noticed that turning on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS (Google Maps) can cause your phone’s battery to drain quickly. Hence, unless they are truly necessary, you should disable these features if you want your battery to last longer. Also, it’s crucial to determine whether any apps are utilizing location services improperly. It is possible to do this by going to Settings > Apps & notifications > App permissions > Location. Have a look and block access to any apps that don’t need location services.

Switch On A Power-Saving Mode

A gadget in power-saving mode turns off all optional features and services, relieving the battery of a significant amount of work. Although the screen might not appear as bright as you’re used to, this enables battery charging to go more slowly. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver to turn on this mode.

Use only Original Batteries

Despite having a universal charging interface, Android phones should only be charged with their charger. Because a counterfeit charger (when used frequently) limits the battery’s ability to hold charges in addition to impairing performance. The best charger is one whose output voltage and amps are synchronized with the power of the battery. Thus, always use the phone’s included charger. Purchase it from the manufacturer’s accredited service center if it is damaged.

Upgrade the System’s Software and Apps

Your phone will perform more smoothly if your apps and operating system are updated to the newest versions. Go to Settings > About Phone > System Update to see if there has been a system update. Download and install any available updates. Check your device’s apps to check if any of them need to be updated. The “Phone Master” App is available to TECNO, Itel, and Infinix customers. Ask a Samsung Cell Phone Repair service provider to do this for you.

Battery Replacement

Every battery has an expiration date. It might be time to replace the battery if the problem with the phone battery dying so quickly appears two to three years after the phone was purchased. As your phone is charging, you can check the battery’s health to validate it. Choose Settings > About Phone > Battery Status from the menu. You should bring your smartphone to a licensed service center and receive a branded, original battery if the status is “poor” or displays any message other than “Charging.”


If these solutions don’t work, ask a technician from Cell Phone Repair in Montreal to fix the issue for you. Mobile Montreal is always available for fixing your phone issues at an affordable cost with high reliability.