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How to Fix Water-damaged Phone that Turns on But Screen is Black?

Did you just recently drop your phone in the water? Or have you gotten water spilled on the phone, and now your water-damaged phone turns on but the screen is black? Instead of panicking, you need to rush for quick fixes before taking your phone to a phone repair shop. This is how to fix a black screen from water damage.

  1. Take immediate actions
  2. Remove moisture and dry your phone
  3. Assess the condition of the screen
  4. Restart your phone
  5. Seek professional help for diagnosis

5 Steps to Fix Water-damaged Phone that Turns on But Screen is Black

1. Take Immediate Actions

The potential black screen due to water damage can be severe. Therefore, you need to take immediate action. First, turn off your mobile phone by holding down the power button. This will save your device from further damage and short circuits. The second step should be drying off the phone using heatless methods. If your phone’s battery is removable, consider removing the battery to avoid potential damage to it.

2. Remove Moisture and Dry Your Phone

Water-damaged phones can be protected by removing the moisture completely from them. Here are a couple of moisture-removing tricks that do wonders:

  • Uncooked Rice: Place your phone in a container containing uncooked rice for at least 48 hours. Rice is known to absorb moisture very well. 
  • Beads of Silica Gel: Another trick is to place your phone in a big container filled with silica gel beads. Seal the container very well and leave it for a day or two. 
  • Dry Towel: If you don’t have silica gel or uncooked rice handy, bring a dry towel and wrap your phone in it. You can also use paper towels to absorb the moisture. Make sure, during all this time, your phone is kept in a warm and dry environment. 

3. Assess the Condition of the Screen

Once you are done with removing the moisture, it’s time to test the screen of your water-damaged phone. Turn on the mobile phone to see if it works normally. You may encounter issues during the screen test as water affects different parts of the phone. Temporary disruptions can be easily overcome after a while. However, if your water-damaged phone turns on but the screen is black, you will need to take some other steps. Possible causes of screen damages in such cases include water infiltration into the display module, short circuits affecting the screen components, or damage to the screen connectors.

4. Restart Your Phone

Force restart often helps overcome black screen due to water damage. Though different mobile phone models have different ways to force restart, you should follow your specific model’s instructions. If restarting your phone doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time you seek professional help. 

5. Seek Professional Help for Diagnosis

Phone damage due to water can often result in serious issues, one of which is having a black screen even when the phone is on. If you come across such a thing, immediately seek professional help and get your water-damaged phone repaired.  This is necessary as water can damage various components of your mobile phone, particularly the internal electronic components and battery. But our trained and experienced technicians easily handle all kinds of damage due to water. Whether it be cleaning corrosion, removing moisture, or replacing or repairing damaged components.


The situation is indeed stressful when your water-damaged phone turns on but the screen is black. But keeping your calm is of utmost importance. Instead of panicking, have control of your nerves and take prompt action. The goal is to turn off the device to prevent any more damage to the phone and remove moisture from the screen. Even if you remain successful in removing moisture completely, it’s essential to get water-damaged phone repair services from Mobile Montreal, a trusted phone repair shop, to prevent any major problem from occurring.

Frequently Asked Questi0ns

Can I recover my data after water damage?

Yes, our expert technicians at Mobile Montreal are experienced in data recovery from water-damaged phones. Bring your phone to our shop to protect your valuable information and memories. 

How to know if my phone’s screen is water-damaged?

You can look for visible signs of corrosion at ports. Look for the visual presence of water and check the discolored liquid damage indicator. 

How can water affect my phone’s screen?

The major effect of water is corrosion, which causes malfunctioning internal components and phone buttons. Flickering screen is also very common. In extreme cases, it leads to complete device failure or short circuit.