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iPhone Is Charging But Not Showing Lightning Bolt

If you start noticing an iPhone charging problem like your iPhone is charging but not showing a lightning bolt. This can be stressful as it can worsen the issue. Don’t worry. We’ll highlight key troubleshooting steps to fix the iPhone charging but not showing the lightning bolt issue. Firstly, restart your iPhone and check if it is now showing the lightning bolt. If not, then you should try to fix this issue by implementing steps like changing the lightning cable, reconnecting the charger, charge a different iPhone.  This will help you ensure that if something is wrong with your charger or the iPhone. Furthermore, check for software updates. If all these steps fail, it is wise for you to seek professional help to get this issue resolved before it worsens.

6 Steps When iPhone Is Charging But Not Showing Lightning Bolt

Some of the essential troubleshooting steps you should follow to resolve this issue are as follows:

1. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is one of the primary steps when it comes to troubleshooting your iPhone charging but not showing a lightning bolt issue. After restarting your iPhone, reconnect the charger and see if the lightning bolt is visible on the screen.

2. Change The Charging Cable

Changing the charging cable of your iPhone is another key troubleshooting step to resolve the lightning bolt not appearing on the iPhone while on charge issue. Additionally, if you’re experiencing a battery draining issue, a faulty charging cable could be a contributing factor. Therefore, replacing the cable with a new one may help address both issues effectively.

3. Check For Software Updates 

If you’re looking to resolve iPhone charging issues, checking the software updates of iOS is one the effective ways to resolve the issue in no time. Ensure that your iPhone is running on the latest version of the iOS software.

4. Check If It Shows Lightning Bolt In A Different iPhone

It is important for you to know if there is an issue with your iPhone or the lightning charging cable. Therefore, to confirm the source of the issue, it is important that you check the charger by connecting it to another iPhone and see if the lightning bolt is appearing while charging. If the issue is still the same on the other iPhone, then it’s confirmed that your charging cable is not working. Otherwise, if the iPhone is charging but not showing a lightning bolt issue doesn’t occur on the other iPhone, then you should get your iPhone checked by a certified iPhone expert.

5. Check If Your iPhone Is Connected Properly

This is also one of the key steps if you’re looking to troubleshoot your iPhone charging issue. You should make sure that your iPhone cables are properly connected to the dock and that they are properly connected to the power socket that is switched on.

6. Seek Help From Professionals

If all troubleshooting steps fail, it is wise to seek help from a reputable company that provides professional iPhone repair services. By seeking help from professionals, you can ensure that your iPhone gets back to its optimum performance and that the issue of the lightning bolt while charging gets resolved. For reliable iPhone repair services, consider reaching out to Mobile Montreal, a trusted name in the industry.


To effectively resolve the iPhone’s charging but not showing a lightning bolt issue, it is essential to follow these steps: restarting your iPhone, checking if it shows a lightning bolt in a different iPhone while charging it with the same cable, checking for software updates, checking that the charger is properly connected with the power socket and it is switching on, changing the lightning cable, and seeking help from professionals. Lastly, if you’re looking for a reliable iPhone repair company, you should choose none other than the leading company, Mobile Montreal.