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The Enjoyable Smartphone Cases

Everyone who has a smartphone knows the struggle of trying to decide between two or more cases. One the one hand, as phone costs continue to grow, safeguarding yours has never been more crucial. It’s counterintuitive to cover up a brand new, sleek phone with an ugly, bulky case, though. Thankfully, there are cases available that will keep your phone safe from harm without hiding its elegant design. We are going to list some distinctive smartphone cases below which you will actually enjoy using:


To some, the idea of using fabric as a case material may seem unusual. The problem is that once you give them a try, you can’t stop thinking about them. They feel much more comfortable in the hand than a regular case and don’t appear to be built solely for impact resistance. In addition, they come in a wide array of colors and patterns to accommodate your own sense of fashion. Almost all modern premium smartphones, including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, and the Google Pixel, have official or unofficial fabric cases available for purchase.

Wooden & Leather

Wooden phone cases are an upscale option for protecting your device. If they are made from recycled materials, some of them may even be eco-friendly phone cases. Depending on your preferences and finances, you can choose between phone covers made of real wood or synthetic wood. As may be anticipated, they provide more security than fabric alternatives and don’t soil as quickly. Fans of the past can show their interest in the past by purchasing leather phone cases. The fact that they improve with age and develop a patina is undoubtedly their greatest feature. Leather covers, unlike most others, tend to improve with age. They’re also fairly sticky, so they’re a good choice if you tend to drop your phone often. If your phone is popular, you can find leather cases on Amazon or via the manufacturer’s own online store.

Hard Transparent & Bumper Cases

Clear cases are the most popular choice, as they add an extra layer of security without masking your phone’s aesthetic. Transparent silicone cases, on the other hand, soon become soiled and yellowed. As a result, we insist that you always go for hard, transparent coverings rather than soft ones. They’ll be safer and more endearing for more than a few months’ time. Bumper cases are another option. There is a key difference between these and hard clear covers, though, and that is the addition of a rubber rim all the way around the case. This results in a more secure sleeve that is also easier to hold.

Wallet Included Cases

It’s possible to store extra cards, cash, and ID in your phone case if you’re a fan of minimalism. Pocketed cases are offered by a variety of retailers. Put your cash, cards, and other goods that would normally live in a purse or wallet there. There is a vast range of materials that can be used to make wallet cases. There are cases that are thin and attach to the back of your phone and others that are bulky and flip open to display the screen & pockets.

Heavy Duty Cases

Heavy, bulky cases for smartphones aren’t very popular. Rough-and-tumble covers were always considered impracticable, but times have changed. In addition to plastic and metal, companies like Otter box and UAG also make sturdy wooden cases for iPhones, Samsung’s, and others. These covers are not only extremely durable, but they also provide a more comfortable place for your fingers to rest. If your phone is made entirely of glass, that’s an added bonus. Mobile Montreal, Cell Phone Repair Montreal, provides the most cost-effective smartphone repairs and accessories in the region. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to buy/sell, or get your older iPhones repaired. We also sell smartphone cases which will help you increase the lifecycle of your phone and add some aesthetics too.