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Tips to Fix Phone Switches Off Automatically Issues

When you go for your phone and discover that it has mysteriously shut off, it can be very perplexing. If the battery is charged and nobody else has turned it off, how was it shut down, in your opinion? It may be a hardware issue or a software issue if your phone keeps abruptly shutting off. The majority of the time, though, you can fix it yourself. If not then you can visit Cell Phone Repair in Montreal for help. We will provide you with easy fixes for your phone that shuts off on its own in this post. Or you can hire Mobile Montreal for fixing your phone issue.

Fixes From Cell Phone Repair When the Phone Switches Off Automatically 

Equipment Problems

Your Android phone frequently shuts down yet functioning normally upon restart is typically a hardware issue. Let’s look at several hardware faults that could be causing your phone to switch off unexpectedly. You can also ask for a Cell Phone Repair in Montreal for a proper troubleshooting process.

How Well Does the Battery Fit?

Turn on your phone and gently shake it to verify if this is the issue. If doing so doesn’t stop it, take your phone in one hand and lightly tap its back against the palm of your other hand. Be sure you push the battery side on your hand to apply pressure. The loose battery needs to be fixed if the phone shuts off.

The answer is quite easy. To make a tiny piece of paper a little thicker, fold it into square wraps. Place this paper now at the battery’s bottom end, across from the connectors. Depending on the amount of open space creating the issue, you will need to determine how thick paper you need to make. Or take your phone to a Montreal Cell Phone Repair for professional help.

Battery Problem

Also, there’s a risk that your battery is broken and that inappropriate current flow is to blame for the phone’s automatic shut-off. Fortunately, by using a secret dialer code, it is very simple to check the battery level on practically any Android phone. Enter the following code into the call dialer app on your Android device: *#*#4636#*#*. As soon as you are on the phone details screen, click “Battery information.”

Heating Android Phone

Furthermore, excessive heating on your Android device may also be the reason for sporadic shutdowns. The phone will shut down on its own when the temperature reaches the point where it could harm the parts. This occurs even if the phone is just sitting around and not being used.

You can follow my in-depth guide to mending a heating Android phone to find out all the solutions to the heating issue with Android.

Drop the Phone Case

Making the battery space lose can also be caused by a large phone case or one that replaces your phone’s cover with its own. If you have a case on your phone like that, try using it without one to see if the issue is resolved.

Power Button Issues

However, there is a risk that your phone’s power button is jammed or broken, turning it off. Check that it is functioning properly by repeatedly pressing the power button. When you press the button, it should feel smooth, and when you let go, it should pop out right away. If the button is trapped inside, you can pry it out with a tweezer or anything similar. Or ask a Cell Phone Repair to do this for you.

Software Concerns

If your Android phone’s hardware is working properly, the issue may be with the software. Here are a few fixes for software problems that are causing your Android to shut off randomly.

Start in Safe Mode and remove Unwanted Applications

You should start your phone up in Safe Mode to make sure the issue isn’t with the hardware. Similar to PCs, Android phones have a Safe Mode that enables them to boot with the fewest system programs and none from third parties. You can identify the issue since a malicious program or virus won’t operate during Safe Mode.

Each manufacturer has a different method for entering Safe Mode. The most popular method is to press and hold the power button to bring up the power menu, then tap and hold the “Power Off” button until the prompt to “boot in Safe Mode” appears. When this prompt is accepted, the phone will resume in Safe Mode. Safe Mode may also be accessed by holding down the volume-down button while the phone is starting, which is helpful if the phone won’t turn on at all. If this doesn’t work for you, try searching online for instructions on how to start your specific device in Safe Mode to find a solution.

Check to see whether the phone shuts down at random after entering Safe Mode. If the issue has been resolved, then the culprit must be a newly installed malicious application. When your phone is still in Safe Mode, go to the settings for applications and remove all the recently added apps. Delete every app that led to the problem with the unexpected shutdowns.

Restart your Android device to return to normal operation, then check to see if the problem still exists. Or ask a Samsung Cell Phone Repair for help.

Delete Viruses and Malware

If deleting the apps doesn’t solve the problem, the problem can be a virus that is turning off your phone on its own. Although there are many security programs for Android, Avast Free Antivirus for Android should be sufficient for this use. The application will automatically scan for and remove any viruses that might be the root of this problem after installation.


If all these methods fail to help you get rid of the issue, ask a professional Cell Phone Repair in Montreal for help. You can talk to Mobile Montreal and let us know your phone issues so that we can help you solve those problems.